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SMBI Families We Are Listening

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SMBI Families We Are Listening

SMBI Families is a truly community-driven and focused approach to improving the wellbeing of children and families on the picturesque Southern Moreton Bay Islands. An offshore 5 island community isolated from mainland Australia by much more than the waters of Moreton Bay.

Over 2018/19 foundational work was undertaken to establish a place-based, community-driven initiative on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands (SMBI), which includes Karragarra, Lamb, Macleay, Perulpa and Russell Islands. The focus of the initiative is improving the health and wellbeing of SMBI children 0 - 8 years and their families.

The approach to this initiative is strongly community-driven to ensure the sustainability of resulting solutions. 

The four-part case study has been created with the SMBI Families team and community. Each episode is mapped to a phase of the Collaborative Change Cycle and we share the approaches, collaborations, activities, goals and experiences of the initiative.


SMBI Families We Are Listening - Phase 1

SMBI Families We Are Listening - Phase 2

SMBI Families We Are Listening - Phase 3

SMBI Families We Are Listening - Phase 4

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