Phase 1. Readiness Runway

Welcome to the Readiness Runway! This phase of the Collaborative Change Cycle
is all about cultivating urgency for change, having conversations and dialogue about the need for working differently, forming relationships, and building trust.


What you might see  

  • There is a sense that ‘things are not working’, people are voicing complaints about individual elements, policies or services, or issues with particular cohorts in the population;
  • There are some innovative thinkers and doers, although they are disconnected from each other;
  • People are making assumptions about what ‘they’ (other cohorts or disadvantaged groups) need and expressing a desire for simplistic solutions.



What you can do 

  • Build awareness of the complexity of the situation;
  • Learn about different place-based approaches;
  • Build an understanding of the lived experience of people by spending time in their context, hearing their stories, understanding their perspective and building authentic relationships;
  • Identify instances of what’s working. Identify positive deviance in the system individuals, practices, organisations;
  • Connect values aligned, action orientated local innovators to build a critical mass of support and to build momentum;
  • Prepare yourself for innovation by reflecting on your mindsets for innovation.

Innovation Tools & Resources

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This resource provides an introduction to social innovation processes that will help you rapidly test your assumptions in a cost-effective way.

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1. Readiness Runway

This resource helps individuals think systemically about social change, explore what is happening below the surface on issues they care about, and determine how they and their organizations can pursue large-scale change in a disciplined and holistic manner.

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1. Readiness Runway

This resource describes six conditions of systems change: policies; practices; resource flows; relationships and connections; power dynamics; and mental models.

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1. Readiness Runway


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