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Logan Together: Case Study

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About Logan Together

Logan Together is a long term, whole of community movement to create the best life opportunities for every child in Logan. Logan Together reflects a diverse group of people from every part of the community who share a passion for their kids’ future. 

The Logan Together initiative taps into this diverse community and what’s needed to make it thrive has required a genuine collaboration between community, industry and government who all have the same goal in mind – a bright future for children.

The five-part case study was created over 2019-2020 with the Logan Together team and community. Each episode is mapped to a phase of the Collaborative Change Cycle and we share the approaches, collaborations, activities, goals and experiences of the initiative.


Logan Together: Case Study - Phase 1

Logan Together: Case Study - Phase 2

Logan Together: Case Study - Phase 3

Logan Together: Case Study - Phase 4

Logan Together: Case Study - Phase 5

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