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Hands Up Mallee

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About Hands Up Mallee

Hands Up Mallee is a Social Impact Initiative, based in the Northern Mallee region. Hands Up Mallee was established to bring local leaders and community together to address social issues and improve health and wellbeing outcomes for children, young people and their families. 

Hands Up Mallee works in partnership with the community, local service providers, agencies and takes a place-based approach to solutions for local issues to ensure action taken is the right action for our unique community. 

To learn more about their work, we have co-created a case study with the Hands Up Mallee team and Northern Mallee community. These short films share their change journey so far, lessons learnt and hopes for the future. These stories have been organised to reflect the five phases of the Collaborative Change Cycle.


Hands Up Mallee - Phase 1

Hands Up Mallee - Phase 2

Hands Up Mallee - Phase 3

Hands Up Mallee - Phase 4

Hands Up Mallee - Phase 5

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