Phase 4. Scaling Up

Welcome to Scaling Up! This phase of the Collaborative Change Cycle is all about building alignment to focus effort on the things that are working, while letting go of the things that aren’t. It is also about building the infrastructure and capacity needed for system change and celebrating learning and progress to maintain momentum and keep people engaged.


What you might see

  • The community is leading change;
  • Community members are active in delivering the work, in both paid and voluntary capacities;
  • Community leadership is embedded in implementation structures and ways of working;
  • Community involvement is growing;
  • There are various ways for community to participate, including and beyond formal membership.    



What you can do 

  • Facilitate ongoing community participation in all aspects of the work;
  • Involve community members from different networks, demographic groups, and geographies;
  • Employ and/or reward community members for their contributions – they are part of the team;
  • Support the community to self-organise and test strategies to enact change;
  • Encourage community members to rally behind the shared agenda;
  • Support different clusters of work, while highlighting their contribution to the shared agenda.

Community Tools & Resources

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This resource describes the ABLe Change Framework for systems change, and provides a package of simple rules, processed and tools for applying the approach. 

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4. Scaling Up


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