Phase 5. Achieving Transformation

Welcome to Achieving Transformation! This phase of the Collaborative Change Cycle is all about embedding new ways of working for long-term change to shift the underlying design of the system that held the problem in place.


What you might see

  • Ongoing co-ordinated experimentation; 
  • Effective innovations spreading (through principles, programs, practice);
  • Ineffective things being shut down or divested;
  • New discovery work occurring to cope with changes e.g. demographics or shifting policy agenda; 
  • Changes to systems at non-local level, thus influencing change in other places;
  • Regular capability building and communities of practice;
  • Regular reviews of strategy;
  • Shifts or pivots in the operating model;
  • The initiative has a reputation for innovation and is being used as a case study.



What you can do

  • Action to sustain and renew, including continued capacity building;
  • Invest in the development of specialised functions such as engagement;
  • Revisit assumptions about the system now, the future system and the transition between them through system mapping and system modelling;
  • Consider pivots to the intervention, or parts of the intervention;
  • Continuously reflect on if / when to shut down the initiative; 
  • Continue to build focus on scale and implementation;
  • Tell the story widely.

Innovation Tools & Resources

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This resource identifies 13 principles for challenging, altering and replacing our dominant ways of doing, thinking and organising in order to bring about social change.

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5. Achieving Transformation

This resource explains that big visions can be too generic to develop actional strategies around, and thus advocates breaking them down into several smaller goals.

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5. Achieving Transformation


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