5. Achieving Transformation

Welcome to Achieving Transformation! This phase of the Collaborative Change Cycle is all about embedding new ways of working for long-term change to shift the underlying design of the system that held the problem in place.


What you might see

  • There is a genuine movement for change that is sustainable and ongoing;
  • Resentment of strong and long-term community leaders (there is a risk that community leadership, structures and processes become fixed, and/or that some community members are perceived to have special status);
  • Sustained community leadership, control and engagement;
  • Community holding service providers and government to account;
  • Community decision-making embedded in the initiative;
  • Government agencies sharing evidence and stories about the impact of community leadership to achieve systems change;
  • Community actively self-organising in support of the agenda.    



What you can do

  • Provide ongoing opportunities for new and existing community leaders to develop and have influence;
  • Facilitate ongoing community participation in all aspects of the work, including decision-making groups, working groups, community participation activities, as well as paid and unpaid work;
  • Promote the role and contribution of community members in preparing for and achieving transformation.

Community Tools & Resources

Get support for your initiative
Organise your PlatformC resources
Engaging community stakeholders to build movements for change

This resource contains a curated a list of papers, tools and resources for effective community engagement and movement building.

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5. Achieving Transformation

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