Platform C is a curated learning space for people tackling complex challenges through collaboration

Welcome to Platform C

Platform C is a brand new knowledge and learning platform especially created to offer support, learning and connections for people tackling big, tough problems and creating large-scale impact through collaboration. This virtual hub, where paradigms and practice meet, is designed be open and accessible, making collaboration and systems change knowledge, tools and resources available to communities (of interest, practice and place) across Australia regardless of budget or geography.

Based on the Collaborative Change Cycle, Platform C is fuelled by continuous learning and will grow over time to accelerate the emerging practice in Australia of collaboration on complex social change. 

About Platform C

Who Platform C is for

Platform C is designed for all change leaders wanting to collaborate to address complex challenges including:

  • backbone leaders
  • community members
  • services
  • governments at all levels
  • philanthropists

When we use the word ‘community’ we mean communities of interest and practice, not just place. If you are from Government or Philanthropy – there is something to learn about the role you can play in every Phase.

What’s in Platform C

Platform C provides change-makers with:

  • Case studies about collaborative ways of working in Australia
  • Access to tools and resources tools to support the change journey
  • Hot spots map of initiatives across Australia to find others doing this work
  • Access to specialist support and learning opportunities
  • A place where users can store tools and track progress

How to navigate Platform C

There are many ways you can navigate Platform C.  You can…

Choose your own adventure in CHANGE to learn about the phases of the Collaborative Change Cycle and what you can do in each Phase

Find TOOLS AND RESOURCES to help you based on what you want to learn

Go straight to CONNECT to find others doing this work around the country

Use the SELF ASSESSMENT TOOL to take you right to where you are now on your change journey

Get help by going to LEARN

Do you want to add your own initiative to Platform C?
Tools & Resources

Explore tools and resources

Find tools and resources relevant to each Phase and Layer of the Collaborative Change Cycle


Get help and support

Access support to help you in each Phase of the Collaborative Change Cycle


Find your crowd

Learn about and connect with other change initiatives around Australia