Gladstone Region engaging in action Together (GRT)

Gladstone Region engaging in action Together (GRT)

Gladstone QLD

Early childhood development

1. Readiness Runway

GRT is located in the Gladstone Region local government area in Central Queensland, Australia. The Gladstone Region begins approximately 450 kilometres north of Brisbane. The region covers an area of 10,484 square kilometres and had an estimated resident population of 63,861 at 2020.

As a community-led initiative, GRT belongs to the whole community in the Gladstone Region with our vision, goals, and actions being those of our community, informed by many voices through ongoing conversations.

Our vision is opportunity, equity, and quality of life for everyone in the Gladstone Region community.

GRT has been guided by the community to focus on children, from pre-birth to school age. By focusing on families and enabling parents to provide a happy, healthy, and nurturing home environment, the community can provide a great start for children.

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