Phase 4. Scaling Up

Welcome to Scaling Up! This phase of the Collaborative Change Cycle is all about building alignment to focus effort on the things that are working, while letting go of the things that aren’t. It is also about building the infrastructure and capacity needed for system change and celebrating learning and progress to maintain momentum and keep people engaged.


What you might see

  • Membership of the leadership group reflecting the diversity of the community;
  • Sustained cross-sector collaboration around the shared agenda;
  • Collaborative leadership competence building into a powerful coalition that intentionally and strategically exerts influence up, down and across the system;
  • Leaders working intentionally to protect and embed the work into their organisations and power structures for the long-term;
  • Induction of new stakeholders and people embedded in the culture and way of working;
  • The shared agenda is well underway and known in the community and across sectors.



What you can do

  • Increase the authority and empowerment of leadership group (and increase membership if appropriate);
  • Recognise, engage and support collaborative leadership across different sectors, networks and age groups within the community;
  • Negotiate across different levels, sectors, initiatives and organisations to build deeper alignment to the shared agenda;
  • Orchestrate deeper and more diverse levels of alignment across the system;
  • Engage with political leaders.

Leadership Tools & Resources

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This resource describes and analyses four different perspectives on leadership: authentic leadership; adaptive leadership; neuro leadership; and complexity leadership.

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4. Scaling Up

This resource uses two case studies to identify the leadership roles, cultural norms and system-level checks that support organisations to be self-managing and nimble.

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4. Scaling Up


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