Phase 3. Creating a Shared Vision

Welcome to Creating a Shared Vision! This phase of the Collaborative Change Cycle is all about refining the focus of collaborative efforts and formalising the approach, infrastructure and resources required to achieve shared goals.


What you might see

  • Leading with questions and appetite to understand the diversity of interpretations and perspectives the system holds;
  • Leaders using consistent language and messaging;
  • Leaders understanding and articulating the perspectives of different stakeholders;
  • Leaders committing to building shared understanding amongst the broader community and stakeholders;
  • Alignment around common purpose;
  • Sufficient depth and breadth of understanding and commitment to enter into formal agreement for a long-term collaborative initiative.



What you can do

  • Convene a diverse range of influencers to authorise the collaboration and explore a shared vision for change over the medium to long term;
  • Explore, define and commit to community ownership;
  • Seek explicit commitments from leaders to support the shared vision and approach;
  • Hold steady during conflict. Facilitate the different perspectives to support a creative process that allows new ideas and ways of working to surface;
  • Acknowledge there will be loss of some kind - power, resources, status, ways of working – this enables people to explore and prepare for what losses are possible;
  • Encourage stakeholders to see themselves as part of the system problem and solutions.

Leadership Tools & Resources

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3. Creating a Shared Vision


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