Phase 3. Creating a Shared Vision

Welcome to Creating a Shared Vision! This phase of the Collaborative Change Cycle is all about refining the focus of collaborative efforts and formalising the approach, infrastructure and resources required to achieve shared goals.


What you might see

  • Shared theories of change emerging around particular cohorts;
  • Experienced experimenters passing on know-how and providing support to others;
  • Challenges to scale and growth;
  • Increased engagement of non-local system players e.g. regional, state and commonwealth government.



What you can do

  • Continue to engage new actors and different levels of the system;
  • Consider pivots in approach and focus – as a better understanding of resources and challenges emerge; 
  • Continue to strengthen and formalise innovation approaches;
  • Establish innovation metrics and more formalised innovation approaches.

Innovation Tools & Resources

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This resource explains how prototyping can help you bridge the evidence gap by creating context specific evidence through experimentation. 

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3. Creating a Shared Vision

This resource explains how identifying and understanding ‘positive deviance’ will help you understand the kind of solutions that can work in your community – with the resources that are already in place.

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3. Creating a Shared Vision

This resource introduces design research as an approach and set of methods that are particularly well suited to understanding the reality of people’s lives, what they want for the future and how the current situations help and hinder them.

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3. Creating a Shared Vision


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