Phase 2. Building the Foundations

Welcome to Building the Foundations! This phase of the Collaborative Change Cycle
is about becoming more open to working together, building a shared understanding of the system, brokering agreement that business as usual is not enough to make large scale impact, and partnering with community as the foundation for change.


What you might see 

  • An eagerness to get going but also a dawning reality of the complexity of the work;
  • A developing group of champions for the work;
  • A focus on changes that can be influenced or controlled by the current participants;
  • People engaging in ‘trial and error’, or experimentation, for the first time. 



What you can do 

  • Collectively explore assumptions about systems, lives, and solutions – current and future – and the actions that could get from the current to the future;
  • Build mindsets and capabilities in seeing and working in systems, understanding lived experience, developing effective solutions and place-based systems interventions;
  • Avoid worrying too much about getting everything right or having perfect collaboration. The goal is to learn. 

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This resource describes different types of insight, the attributes of a good insight, the place of insights in design processes, and how to create stronger insights.

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2. Building the Foundations

This resource unpacks key concepts of ‘co-design’ and explains how the range of design-based traditions that sit under the co-design banner have something very important to bring to social innovation. 

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2. Building the Foundations

This resource can help you deepen your understanding of facilitation.

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2. Building the Foundations


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