Phase 5. Achieving Transformation

Welcome to Achieving Transformation! This phase of the Collaborative Change Cycle is all about embedding new ways of working for long-term change to shift the underlying design of the system that held the problem in place.


What you might see

  • Backbone and governance structures that are well evolved and may even be in a phase of re-invention based on learning;
  • Community leaders and diverse stakeholders routinely participating in decision-making;
  • Understanding of how to shift power for the purpose of making changes that support justice and equity for all;
  • Functional and strong cross-sector collaboration;
  • Systemic changes resulting from collaboration;
  • Government accepting that this is the normal way of working in this community;
  • New sectors and voices joining and aligning their leadership, resources and effort behind the agenda.



What you can do

  • Review collaboration structures and processes to ensure that they are fit for purpose, that is, large-scale/ long-term change;
  • Explore if/how to shift from a project focus to a ‘movement for change’ (noting that movements are less structured and therefore less amenable to management and control).

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This resource provides 18 insights for transforming systems.

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5. Achieving Transformation

This resource provides a broad, multidisciplinary systematised review of literature on cross sector partnerships for systemic change.

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5. Achieving Transformation


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