Finding new ways for First Nations and other multicultural Australians to lead together

Deep Collaboration offers resources and programs that individuals and collaborations can draw on to create shared leadership

What is Deep Collaboration?

Deep Collaboration is created by First Nations and other multicultural Australians, sharing their ideas, experiences and expertise with one goal in mind. That goal is to find a new way to work and lead together. This website describes a way of working that follows the values and steps needed to create this shared leadership.


Who is Deep Collaboration for?

Deep Collaboration is for people creating shared leadership between First Nation peoples and other multicultural Australians. This includes experienced practitioners, facilitators and those in a community leadership role.

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What do you need to use Deep Collaboration?

There are a few important values and skills that you will need:

  • Strong commitment to working with others as equals

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What is Cultural Competency?

This website does not teach Cultural Competency or Cultural Intelligence. You need to have a considerable level of understanding and competency about your own cultural history and identity.

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The 5 steps of Deep Collaboration

The Fundamentals and 5 steps that follow are designed for groups and partnerships to find new ways for First Nations and other multicultural Australians to work together.

Where do I start?

The place to begin is by looking at The Fundamentals. This will help you and your group decide if you are ready to move to Step 1 or need to work on the Fundamentals first.

The Fundamentals are required before moving on to Step 1.


The Deep Collaboration Platform is part of Platform C which provides information and tools on stages and phases of cross sector collaboration to create the conditions for systems change.