Achieving Transformation. Role of Philantropy


The phase of Achieving Transformation is about embedding what is working into business as usual.  While some parts of the broader systems will embrace innovation, the inherent status quo within the system will resist the change.  Transforming systems is only possible through significant evidence, advocacy and disruption. Philanthropy has a distinctive role that can be played during this phase.

The types of things you can do at this phase are:

  • Within the broader system:
    • Convening systems leaders and influencers from government, research, business, philanthropy and civil society to engage in the opportunity for large-scale impact that can be realised if initiative-level innovation is scaled into systems change;
    • Funding or enabling the conditions, collaboration, learning and adaptation needed for systems change;
    • Supporting or leading public advocacy campaigns to build public will for the systems change.
  • Within the initiative: 
    • Convene community-wide engagement efforts that focus on the future and pay special attention to engaging new residents; 
    • Focus on emerging issues and new challenges that can propel the community forward;
    • Invest in new, often more diverse, younger leaders and newcomers to the community;
    • Support existing and new groups and organizations that tear down siloes, work across dividing lines and bring people together;
    • Launch communications efforts that both celebrate the community’s success and confidently identify new, emerging challenges to tackle. 

With your support, the following progress is possible

  • The underlying, systemic issues within the common action are receiving broader attention and action; 
  • Collective efforts that are focused on emerging issues that will define the community’s future; 
  • Inclusion of new leaders who reflect changing nature of the community and who operate alongside established leaders; 
  • Strong organizations that are forward- looking, deeply rooted in the community and bring people together across dividing lines; 
  • Clear outcome measurements exist and drive efforts; 
  • Positive can-do narrative now includes new emerging challenges that need to be tackled moving forward. 2





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