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4. Scaling Up

When you book pet care with PetCloud, you are helping to change the lives of pets and people everywhere.  

Australian women need an alternative to mainstream employment. PetCloud creates an avenue through which they can create an income that is flexible and works around the barriers that they're facing and empowers them through pet job opportunities.

Kennels are proven to be stressful for pets, can smell/ unhygienic, constantly noisy, can spread viruses and disease, can have an Impersonal approach, and sometimes face overbooking or overcrowding.

PetCloud is part owned by RSPCA Qld and helps to achieve one of RSPCA Qld’s own objectives: to reduce the rate of animal abandonment at holiday time by providing trusted local, affordable pet care.

Families can earn extra income to pay for school fees, uniforms, excursions & technology.  By Parents & Kids pet sitting together, it teaches kids responsible pet ownership and money management, along with trust, compassion, money management, respect, builds self-esteem, patience, provides physical activity, and social skills.

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